Port Configuration for Live Streaming

Live streaming for the Echo360 active learning platform is provided through a carefully orchestrated combination of:

If you are restricted by firewall rules but your firewall can support FQDN (fully qualified domain names), see Using the FQDN to access the Live pool for streaming at the bottom of the page.  

What do I need to do?

Your network must be configured to send and receive streams to and from the hosted streaming servers using the ports and protocols outlined below.

Important Details


Using the FQDN to access the A Records pool for streaming through a restricted firewall

If you are restricted from opening your firewall to the range of IP addresses needed for dynamic assignment of LIVE streaming, Echo360 now supports the use of the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) live-pool.echo360.org (or .au or .uk dependent upon your region), to enable both outbound device communication and inbound client views. This URL resolves to an IP address that in turn points to a pool of IP addresses (A records). These IP addresses are dynamically updated by the Live Provisioning Service whenever a new live host is brought into the pool.

This capability is particularly important for clients who reside on restricted networks, with little control over the firewall rules (such as on a government network) or for institutions that strictly manage what inbound/outbound traffic is allowed and what ports can be opened.