Understanding the Admin DASHBOARD

The Administrator's DASHBOARD provides two important pieces of information; an overall usage chart for captures and videos, and overview information about the captures slated to occur today.

Cloud Usage Chart

The top part of the Dashboard shows a bar-graph, that roughly identifies the number of hours of captures/videos streamed or downloaded through the Echo360 cloud service, for each month, for the past 12 months. Each bar is segmented by type of usage: On-demand (viewing videos in the classroom, or downloading videos from the class), Live (videos that have been streamed live to users), and Other (the data used to load the front end of the application, among other things).

For more complete definitions of the categories as well as details on what the figures mean and how they are calculated, see Cloud Usage Chart Details.

The Cloud usage figure at the top is the total number of hours of data delivery for the institution as a whole, for the past year.

Top section of admin dashboard showing capture and video usage in bar graph format as described

Hovering over each monthly bar displays a tool-tip containing the number of usage hours consumed for that month for the category.

Captures by day

Scrolling down to the bottom section of the Admin Dashboard provides a list of captures completed or to be completed each day. Today's date is shown by default, but you can use the arrows to scroll to different days as needed.

The captures listed are those whose start time falls between 12am and 11:59pm on the date shown at the top of the list.

Bottom section of the admin dashboard showing captures scheduled for the date shown

Use the arrows next to the date above the captures list to change what captures are shown.

Use the filters on the left to change the captures shown based on capture status.

More detailed information on system captures, additional functional and search/filtering options are available on the CAPTURES page.