Enabling/Disabling Features for the Institution

Some Echo360 features can be turned on or off at the Institution level. When disabled, the features that users would normally see and which are described in the Online Help, are not available.

Institution-level feature toggles are accessed by clicking the Settings icon - it looks like a gear and is located to the right of your name at the top of the Echo360 page. Then select Institution Settings. The Institution is located at the top of the list on the left and is selected by default.

Select the Features tab on the right side of the page, as shown in the below figure.

Institution settings page showing toggle features tab for procedures as described

IMPORTANT: All features described in the topics linked below are available to enable or disable at the institution level. Some are also available at lower hierarchical levels, including, organization, department, and section.
NOTE that enabling or disabling a feature at a higher level also sets the default for that feature at the lower levels; use the Allow override checkbox to determine if the setting can be changed at a lower level.

The feature toggles available on the Institution Settings page include: