Echo360 PRO Device Specifications

The Echo360 PRO is the newest (3rd) generation full-service capture device by Echo360. It was placed into service in December 2015.

photo of the front of the PRO device

photo of the back of the PRO device

Deployment Options

The allowable operating temperature of the Echo360 PRO device is between 0° – 50° C (32° – 122° F). Be sure to install the device in a location where the temperature around the unit does not exceed this limit. If operated in an environment where temperatures exceed this limit, the unit may overheat and malfunction permanently.


Appliance Display Resolutions

You can download a spreadsheet (86 KB) with all of the specific resolutions.



NOTES about HDMI Audio

Package Options

These packaging options produce viewable media for students:

Signal Processing and Encoding

Signal pre-processing includes decimation, automatic de-interlacing, and noise reduction.


Agency Certifications