Unpack and Connect the SafeCapture HD

This page describes how to install the Echo360 SafeCapture HD (SCHD) into the location where it will perform captures.

After placing and connecting the SCHD, the next step will be to configure the device to communicate with the Echo360 active learning platform.

Order of steps: You MAY want to review the information in Configuring Capture Devices, and download a device file to the USB Drive included with the SCHD before placing the device in the room. If you already have a configured device file on a thumb drive, you can use that for all SCHD devices if appropriate.

IMPORTANT! Consider location carefully: The maximum allowable operating temperature of the SafeCapture HD device is 50°C/122°F. Be sure to install the device in a location where the unit is well ventilated, and the temperature around the unit does not exceed this limit. If operated in an environment where temperatures exceed this limit, the unit may overheat and malfunction permanently.

What's in the box

Unpack the SCHD and confirm you have all of the items listed below. There should be five separate pieces, including two mounting brackets.  



SafeCapture HD

picture of the safecapture HD device

Power Cord

picture of the power cord for a safecapture HD device

USB Drive

picture of echo USB drive included with safecapture HD

Two mounting brackets

picture of mounting brackets included with safecapture HD


Installing/Connecting the SCHD

When considering where to place the SCHD device, be advised of the following recommendations/requirements:

The SCHD cannot record HDCP-restricted content: Be sure to install your capture appliances in a room that does not include devices protected by HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). Echo360 capture appliances cannot record high-definition content protected by HDCP.
If instructors are in the habit of bringing their own devices and plugging them into a console for display recording, note that newer Mac computers have HDCP enabled. In some cases, instructors will attempt to play HD content that is restricted by HDCP on the Mac, causing the display feed to be blank, to appear as disconnected, or to record/return very low quality resolution. In this case, users can play the content in Standard Definition or attempt another workaround.


To install/connect the SCHD

  1. Connect the power cord to the SCHD and to a wall outlet (preferred).
    SCHD with power cable being connected
  2. Connect the SafeCapture HD to the network.
  3. Connect the display devices (laptop, PC, document camera, etc.) to the channel labeled Primary Display/Secondary Video.
  4. If you are using RCA connectors, insert them. If you are using the audio bare wire block, see Configuring Balanced Audio Input for Capture Appliances.
  5. Connect the video device to the channel labeled Primary Video/Secondary Display.
    back of the schd showing inputs and corresponding cables
  6. Turn on the SafeCapture HD.
  7. Continue with configuration of the SafeCapture HD.