Echo360 POD Specifications

The Echo360 POD is the tabletop capture device, designed for smaller venues, created and distributed by Echo360. It was placed into service in May 2016.

Front of POD appliance with touchpad and menu screen Back of POD showing input ports


Deployment Options

The Echo360 POD can be set on a tabletop or shelf that allows access to the input ports on the back.

The allowable operating temperature of the Echo360 POD device is between 0° – 45° C (32° – 113° F). Be sure to install the device in a location where the temperature around the unit does not exceed this limit. If operated in an environment where temperatures exceed this limit, the unit may overheat and malfunction permanently.

Software Required

Echo360 active learning platform.


Appliance Display Resolutions

Unsupported Resolutions: The POD does not support capturing at 1920x1200.




Wireless Connectivity

The POD is configured with two MAC addresses to support the additional connectivity. The "odd numbered" MAC address is for wireless communication. The Echo360 POD contains wireless connectivity capability for when the device is being used in a room where wired Ethernet connections are not available.

If a wired connection is available, you are strongly urged to use that instead. The wired connection is configured using the even-numbered MAC address. This is the one you should use to add the device to a room. However if using wireless becomes necessary, you can change the room device assignment to use the odd-numbered (wireless) one.

NOTE: The POD cannot do live streaming over wireless; if you wish to generate a Live streamed class using the POD, be sure to use a wired ethernet connection for the appliance.

Package Options

These packaging options produce viewable media for students:

Signal Processing and Encoding

Signal pre-processing includes decimation, automatic de-interlacing, and noise reduction.


Agency Certifications