Editing Individual Appliance Configurations

Making device configuration changes for specific devices is done from the ROOMS page. This is because:

NOTE: Changing the device configuration in Echo360 changes the device.xml file loaded on the device. If you ever re-upload a different device configuration, these changes will be lost.

To change device configuration for a single device

  1. From the main menu, select ROOMS.
  2. Find the room with the device you need to change. Use the filtering lists at the top of the screen to narrow which rooms are shown.
  3. Click the chevron (small arrow) located in the upper-right of the Room tile. You may need to hover your mouse over the tile to see the arrow.
    Rooms page tile with chevron menu showing and chevron circled
  4. Select Configure.
  5. Edit the device settings and click SAVE.

Your input and configuration choices depend on the type of capture appliance assigned to that room. See Echo360 PRO Capture and Device Settings or SCHD Input and Device Settings or Echo360 POD Device and Capture Settings as appropriate.

Configuring Device Network Settings: The Network Settings for capture appliances MUST be set on an individual basis and not via the default device settings page. All devices default to using DHCP but can be configured to use a Static IP address instead. See Using a Static IP Address for Appliance Network Configuration for instructions.
ALTERNATELY, for both the PRO and the POD, IP Mode can be changed using the Menu options, accessed through the front panel of the appliance.
Network settings section of the device configuration page for a single device.

The device configuration from the ROOMS page also allows you to download these changes to a device.xml file which can then be applied to other devices. See Configuring Capture Devices for information on uploading a configuration file to a capture appliance.