Defining the Echo360 Hierarchy

The Echo360 active learning platform organizational hierarchy is as follows: Institution > Organization > Department.

An institution is the top-most level of the hierarchy. Typically the institution identifies the university. This is set up for you when your Echo360 institutional account is established.

Within each institution there can be one or more organizations. Typically the organization identifies a school within the university, such as a medical school or other entity. Each organization can then have one or more departments, such as the Nursing department or the English department.

Use of organizations and departments is optional. If your initial deployment is small, and your institution does not need that level of compartmentalization, you do not need to create them right away. As your deployment grows, you can add them and categorize your courses accordingly.

The diagram below shows the relationship between a full Echo360 hierarchy and the corresponding course and section being offered from the Nursing Department: NURS141-001

ALP organizational levels chart