Scheduling Section Captures

Configuring scheduled captures for a section accomplishes four things:

View, create, or edit the capture schedule for a section by expanding the course on the COURSES page, then clicking the Calendar icon for the section. ALTERNATELY, you can use a CSV import to schedule captures for sections.

NOTE: The maximum duration of any scheduled capture is 4 hours. This limit is enforced by the system.

course page with section and calendar icon shown as described

To schedule captures for a section

  1. Select COURSES from the main menu and navigate to the course whose section you want to schedule (search, filter, scroll through).
  2. Click the calendar icon located on the right side of the section entry, as shown above.
    The schedule capture window appears, with the Title and Instructor fields populated with the information for the selected section.
    schedule capture window for section as described
  3. Use the drop-down lists to select the Campus, Building, and Room where the classes will occur.
  4. If necessary, select a different Instructor for this class. The instructor for the section appears by default.
  5. Enter a Guest Instructor name if applicable. This does not have to be a user in the system.
  6. Enter the start and end time for each class.
  7. Select Weekly from the Repeats drop-down list if you are scheduling recurring classes for the section.
    The window changes to show additional scheduling options.
  8. Enter a Start date and End date for the class. These dates likely coincide with the beginning and end dates for the Term. See the NOTE below regarding term exclusion dates.
  9. Enter the weekly frequency for the class. For example, for a class that occurs every week, enter 1. For a class that occur every other week, enter 2, and so forth.
  10. Use the sliders to identify on what days(s) of the week the class occurs.   
    As you make changes, the calendar preview changes to reflect the schedule information entered on the page. Today's date is transparent and circled; scheduled capture dates are marked with colored circles.
    schedule captures for a section as described
  11. In the Options section, select whether to Auto-Publish the capture(s). If enabled, the capture is published to the section as soon as it is processed. If not enabled, the primary instructor (or the admin) will need to manually publish the capture later for users to view it.
  12. Select whether to enable Closed Captioning for this capture. This option only appears if you have closed captioning configured for the system.
  13. Select whether these classes will be available via Live Stream. This simply means that students can watch the class in real time from a remote location, viewing the classroom during the class time.
    If the Live Stream toggle does not appear, the room you selected does not contain a capture appliance or the CCAP installation is on Windows 7. First generation capture appliances also do not support Live.
  14. Review and set or change the A/V sources and capture quality. The defaults set for the device appear initially but can be changed as needed.
    IMPORTANT: If you are considering using Highest Definition (1080p) for the capture, see Capturing and Streaming in 1080p first.
  15. When finished, click SAVE.

NOTE: Any exclusion dates configured for the term (i.e., school holidays or exam dates) will apply to all schedules created for sections during that term. This means that no captures will occur on exclusion dates where the scheduled capture and the exclusion date overlap. The Admin view of a scheduled capture on any given day may show a scheduled capture, but the calendar view on the scheduled capture page will not have a dot on the exception dates. in addition, classes are not automatically created on exception dates.

You CAN schedule one-time captures to occur on exception dates (the system assumes you know it is an exception date when you select it for a one-time capture). Alternately you can configure a capture to occur outside of a section, then publish it to a class after it is processed. See Adding Captures to configure recurring non-section-based captures to occur on exclusion dates.