Creating Courses

Courses are instructional offerings typically offered by an organization or department. In any given term there may be multiple offerings of the same course, which are represented as sections.

Courses simply act as "containers" for one or more sections of a class.

There are two methods for creating courses in Echo360:

Courses are created through the COURSES page, accessed from the main menu. You may associate each course with an organization and/or a department but this is optional. You can also make or change this association later if necessary.

To create a course

  1. Select COURSES from the main navigation bar at the top of the page.
    The course catalog appears.
  2. Click ADD COURSE.
  3. Enter a Course code. Example, ENG-201. This must be unique to the institution.
  4. Enter a Course name that describes the course.
    Example: Introduction to Linguistics.
  5. Optionally: Use the lists to select an Organization and/or a Department to which to associate the course.
  6. Click SAVE.

At this point, you can repeat the above steps to create more courses, or create sections for the new course.