Add Captures

Captures are typically generated as a function of scheduling classes for the section. However, there are some times when you may need to record some event or session, either as a standalone or as a repeated series of captures that are not specifically associated with a section.

NOTE: Captures that are not associated with a section will ONLY appear in the selected Instructor's LIBRARY (and on the Admin's CAPTURES page). Either the Admin or the Instructor will have to publish the capture to make it viewable by other users.
ALTERNATELY you can copy the public link for a completed capture and post it anywhere you like. This allows allow non-Echo360 users to view the media and may be an option if publishing does not provide sufficient access.

This topic deals with configuring standalone captures not associated with a course section. For adding one-time or scheduled captures for a section, see Scheduling Sections.  For information on using a CSV import to configure scheduled captures (either for a section or outside of a section) see Scheduling Captures via CSV Import.

As with all captures, you must identify a room for the capture, which in turn identifies the device that will be doing the capturing. Captures can only be added for rooms where a capture device has been added.

It is IMPORTANT to note that adding captures outside of sections does not provide the Live Stream or the Auto Publish options. If you need to set up a live streaming class that is not associated with a particular course or section (available to a wider audience), set up a special events section and schedule a live capture for the section. Be sure to assign all appropriate users to the section. See Configuration Requirements for Live for additional information.

To add a capture

  1. Select CAPTURES to open the Captures page.
  2. At the upper-right of the page, click ADD CAPTURE.
  3. Enter a Title for the capture.
  4. Use the lists to select a Campus, Building, and Room where the capture will occur.
  5. Select an Instructor from the list. This is the user with whom the capture will be associated and in whose library the capture will appear.
  6. If applicable, enter a Guest Instructor.
    This is a text field designed to simply identify a guest lecturer for the capture schedule if appropriate. It is for informational purposes only.
  7. Enter the Time Range for the capture.
  8. Select whether the capture repeats or not. Your options are:
  9. For a one-time event, enter the Date for the capture. Today's date appears by default. Clicking the date field opens a calendar view for selecting a date, or you can type the date into the field (yyyy-mm-dd).
  10. For recurring events you must:

    As you make changes, the calendar preview changes to reflect the schedule information entered on the page. Today's date is transparent and circled; dates on which the recurring captures are scheduled are marked with colored circles.
    Add capture window with a recurring capture schedule as described

  11. Under Options, select whether to enable Closed Captioning for this capture. This option only appears if you have closed captioning configured for the system.
  12. Closed Captioning is only option: Since captures scheduled from the Captures page are not associated with a particular section, they cannot be Auto-Published or Live Streamed. The completed capture appears in the selected Instructor's library (if one is selected) and can be published to one or more sections by the instructor or an Administrator.

  13. Review and set or change the A/V sources and capture quality. The defaults set for the device appear initially but can be changed as needed.
  14. When finished, click SAVE.